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Join a Swing Left group in your part of Maine!

Swing Left’s local groups help connect you with like-minded members of your community to host events, participate in canvasses, plan fundraisers, and more. Join the thousands of grassroots volunteers across the country taking action with their neighbors—because organizing is better with friends!

Find a Swing Left group in your part of Maine

Augusta Area

Capitol Area Indivisible

A grassroots, volunteer organization working to protect human dignity for ALL. We stand for legal, economic, environmental justice. Augusta, Harpswell, Manchester, Gardiner & Winthrop area.

To join, contact Jessic Gorton at

Indivisible Northwest Kennebec

A group of progressive Democrats, Independents and former Republicans in the Northwest part of Kennebec County working to combat income inequality, defend civil liberties, fight government corruption, preserve access to health care, and fight for racial justice.

To join, contact Tom Ward: 207-293-1016/

Bangor Area

Indivisible Bangor

We are a grassroots group of Bangor area residents resisting the Trump agenda through actions to influence our members of Congress. We are following the guidelines in the Indivisible Guide. Join us!

To join, contact

Bath Area

Indivisible Sagadahoc

A grassroots Maine county group organizing for political action using the “Indivisible Guide- A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.” “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

Contact and/or request to join:

Belfast Area

Swing Left Liberty/Montville/Belfast

We are a new Swing Left group located in Maine’s 2nd District. We’re excited to discuss 2020 strategy, interests, and ways to get more involved. Come join us and help write our mission statement!

Join through Swing Left
Contact: Jaimie Canavan,

Central Maine

Resist Central Maine

People in the Central Maine area joining together to defend equality, human rights, and democracy. 

Join through Swing Left

Contact: Patricia Fogg,

Portland Area

March Forth

“March Forth” for issues of healthcare, the environment, and democracy (voter protection, civil rights and freedom of the press). We want to take direct action by appealing to our government officials through calling, writing, emailing, holding rallies, marches and collaborating with other groups to make our voices heard. These are not normal times. Join us and resist the current administration and GOP.

  • March Forth has a core team of 8 women and approximately 550 members through our closed member Facebook page. All are encouraged to join us—after a brief vetting process.
  • Follow our events through our public March Forth Maine Facebook page

To request to join:; or through our closed Facebook March Forth page

Harpswell Area

Harpswell Indivisible

Inform, motivate, and organize the residents of Harpswell to participate actively in our nation’s politics—SHOW UP, SPEAK OUT, ACT AND PERSIST—to influence public opinion, legislation, and elections, while strengthening and advancing America’s democracy. We are politically diverse and lean left.

Our 2020 focus is on GOTV, securing safe and accessible elections in our state, defeating Susan Collins, and protecting our 2018 midterm victories in the US House of Representatives and in both chambers of our state Legislature.

Contact and/or to request to join:

Midcoast Maine

Midcoast Maine Indivisible

Midcoast Maine Indivisible is a grassroots resistance group, using the Indivisible Guides to resist the Trump agenda. We are based in the coastal area between Lincolnville and Waldoboro in Congressional District 1. We are a politically diverse group. We are not all Democrats and we do lean left. We welcome anyone who wants to join us.

Join through Swing Left


Mount Desert Area

Indivisible MDI

Indivisible MDI is an organization of Mount Desert Island residents and friends dedicated to resisting corruption, racism, and authoritarianism and their destructive effect on our democracy. We advocate for policies which protect our democracy and promote equity and justice for all. See full statement at http://www.IndivisibleMDI.ME

Follow our events through our public Facebook MDI Events and Publicity page

Request to join: or through our closed Indivisible MDI Facebook Member Forum


Oxford County

Oxford Hills Indivisible

Our goal is to bring a progressive voice to the Oxford Hills, help elect liberals and progressives at every level of government while taking action against injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

Join through Swing Left

Contact: Liesha Petrovich,

Contact Us

Contact us at or reach out to our Swing Left Maine Organizing Co-coordinators and