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Share a video testimonial!

Share a short personal video that tells us why you are voting the way you are this fall: opposing Susan Collins, supporting Sara Gideon and other Democrats, or passionate about an issue that will be affected by the election.

Below are some tips for making one, and some ideas on ways to share it with your friends, neighbors, Collins-loving great uncle who still thinks she’s a moderate, etc.

We want you to hashtag all postings #ThatsWhy when we are ready to launch the campaign. And share them here so we can include them in a montage of voices from Maine.

#ThatsWhy …I’m Voting for Sara Gideon

Swing Left Maine asked people from across the state their reasons for voting this fall. Here are some of their answers.

How to Make a #ThatsWhy Video Testimonial

Introduce Yourself

First name is fine, and what town you live in

Video Prompt

We are shooting for around 30 seconds addressing one (or more) of these questions (though longer/shorter videos are ok too):

  • Why are you not going to vote for Susan Collins this November? What specifically has she done to lose your support?
  • What has Sara Gideon done to merit your support?
  • Talk about another issue (ie. racial justice, health care, the environment, women’s rights) that’s important to you and why electing Democrats will help

Be sure to mention:

  • If you voted for Collins in the past and are no longer a supporter
  • If you have a PERSONAL reason her behavior impacted you. The more personal a story is, the better.
  • If it makes sense to mention it, urge people to register to vote

Try the Video Teleprompter App in the Apple App Store

Getting it Out There

Two easy steps:

  1. Send us your video!
  2. Go viral with us! We’lll edit it (if it needs it), put a few graphics on it, and send it back to you, with a date to start sharing it with your own family and friends for our statewide “Launch Date” designed to get the #ThatsWhy hashtag going viral.

Video testimonials from Mainers

Phil, Vinalhaven Island

Marcia, Portland

Damien, South Portland

Isabelle, Brunswick

Contact Us

Contact us at or reach out to our Swing Left Maine Organizing Co-coordinators and